What Do We Know About Gambling In New Zealand

What Do We Know About Gambling In New Zealand

The gambling laws in New Zealand as some of us might know of, reside in areas of grey. More often than not, it might be a bit unclear to understand what these laws entail. However, to begin with, one must understand that gambling in New Zealand, in any form, is considered to be illegal. The only form of gambling that was allowed for a significantly long period of time in the country was that of betting on horse races. The scenario changed quite a bit over the years, and casinos and poker houses began sprouting in the country. But when it comes to online gambling, the area is still quite unclear.  We shall move on to discussing the nature of gambling in New Zealand in two parts- the land-based casinos and the online casinos, to gain a holistic understanding of the picture.

The Land-Based Casinos and Other Forms of Gambling in the Country:

New Zealand has always had its fair share of struggle with the laws that govern the different types of gambling. In the 1920s, the only form of gambling that was allowed in the country was betting on horse racing. Any other form of betting or gambling that involved bookmakers was strictly prohibited. The scene eventually changed, and several pokies and lottery houses started mushrooming across the length and breadth of the country. However, these lottery and poker houses were only allowed to function under specific licenses.

Online Casinos in New Zealand:

The ways in which online casinos work in New Zealand is quite different from the other parts of the world. The laws are pretty strange when you look at it at a cursory glance. Individuals in New Zealand are prohibited to sign-up to an online casino that has its moderator based within the confines of the country. Any individual who is caught indulging in the games that these online casinos have to offer might have to face severe repercussions. However, the laws also provide room for international online casinos to carry on their businesses in the country. According to the laws, online casinos whose moderators are based beyond the borders of New Zealand are not prohibited in the country. Individuals, of any age, can sign-up to these casinos and keep the entire winning amount to themselves. They need not pay any tax on their winnings.

A Few Final Words:

different forms of gambling.

New Zealand has had quite some tiff with the laws that govern casinos and different forms of gambling. But, the scenario has evolved over the years, and it is refreshing to see casinos and poker houses that have proper licenses, find a strong foothold within the boundaries of the country.