Understanding Casino Bonuses in New Zealand

It is so resourceful in betting by casinos that offer lucrative bonus packages. These packages are also the free points added to a player’s account. Hence the player can use these points to wage their bet. Betting companies use the bonuses as incentives to entice players. Also, the bonuses are the deciding factors for a casino to a competitive advantage over the others.

In New Zealand, most of the land-based casinos are prohibited. Therefore the foreign online casinos are the prevalent players in the country’s gambling industry. That is why many casinos have flooded that market. You will find casinos like JackPotcity, Spino Casino, Dream Vegas, and many more which makes it difficult to know which casino is for you. If you need more on which are the best sites to help you pick a casino, we created a great article on it here. In this article, the main focus is the type of bonuses offered by these casinos.

Why Do New Zealand Casinos Offer Bonuses?

• To attract new customers with welcoming free packages.

• To keep the existing gamblers happy and prevent them from shifting to other sites.

• A way of gaining a competitive niche over the competitors

• The strategy entices clients in staking more deposits.

Therefore, if the bettor loses, and depletes the free offer, he or she will still be motivated to stake more.

• It is a strategy to hedge-out the winless run of a player. Even if the gambler loses the bets, they can redeem themselves with the betting sites’ bonuses.

• Some casinos give these offers to increase their client’s probability of winning.

The Following Are The Types Of These Bonuses

The Welcome Bonus

Most Casinos in New Zealand offer this incentive. If you are a newbie in the game, you will find some free points added to your account. However, in the land-based platforms, you will not find these points. You can use the welcome bonuses to bet, and they count on your winnings.

The main reason for welcome packages is to attract new players in the gaming site. Most newbies will flood in a game site with suitable welcome incentives than those without. Mostly, bettors will try their luck on these points, and if they succeed, they will gladly deposit cash to bet.

Matching deposit

Some casinos offer bonuses with the first deposit you make. They put a ceiling of the amount you have to deposit that is countable with a certain percentage. For some casinos in New Zealand, the match bonus is a hundred percent of the winnings.

Other sites will offer less than a hundred percent of their client’s first deposit. That mark encourages the newbies to make their first deposit soon. Considering the minimum stake the casino require, you have to meet particular playthrough protocols. For example, if your credit like $1000 cash, they will add $1000 to your account.

Fixed Casino

The fixed casino is like the matching deposit, only that the percentage rate is constant. This incentive favors those players with a small budget. Thus, even as low as fifty dollars, you can receive the bonus. What is required from you, is to meet the specific deposit limit to qualify for the cash bonus?

For example, a company can fix a bonus of a NZ$100 for a deposit of 50NZ dollars. This strategy is meant to attract players with less budget. However, if you have enough stake, the marching bonus would be worthy. That is because its value is higher than the fixed offer.

No Deposit Bonus

This offer applies when you are not depositing any balance in your account. Therefore the company will credit for you the betting cash. However, some companies lock these deposits where you cannot withdraw them until you a specific wagering amount is realized. This measure discourages individuals who withdraw the money and use it for other purposes rather than betting.

Additionally, if you win through the no-deposit cash, your account will be credited. Just like the welcome bonus, the no-deposit bonus attracts new players. Therefore some companies can use it alongside the welcome bonus.

Still, the no-deposit bonus is suitable for risk-averse people. These are people who fear losing. That is where these individuals play without fear of failing. Mostly after this bonus, the company will give you a matching or fixed ticket. That is to encourage you to stake some deposits.

Wagering Capacity

Sometimes, to be awarded bonuses, your betting size must surpass the bonus at figurative times. Let say 20 times(x), 30x, 50 x, or another specific wagering figure. For example, if the company requires 50x wagering and the bonus is NZ$100, you need to stake a bet size of 50×100. The end value thus would translate to NZ$5000, which warrants you to withdraw money.

This strategy helps the casinos to ensure gamblers plays and pay much to meet the bonus. Consequently, with a higher deposit, the betting company attains a lot of profits. Also, the strategy wades off the jokers who focus only on the bonus.

Free Spins

For slot games, there are free spins offers. That is where the company allows you to bet on the reels freely. Some casinos are adapting to no-deposits free spins, while others require minimal deposits. By this strategy, these casinos try to influence the newcomers to deposit some funds after enjoying the free spins.

However, in some casinos withdrawing the free spins is not easy. It would help if you had a wagering limit for you to withdraw the funds. For example, if the staking limit is 50x per the free spin’s winnings of about NZ$50, then your withdrawal funds limits are NZ$2500. In that case, you have to deposit and bet more for you to reach the targeted NZ$2500 figure.

In New Zealand, most slot games have free spins. JackpotCity, Spino Casino, Betway, Dream City, and other game sites have also these spin offers. However, in these platforms, they provide different versions of free spins. These versions include

• Welcome free spins

In this case, you should make a minimum deposit that adds to the welcome offer. Therefore the offers are essential to attract newbies.

• Recurring free spins

Some casinos reward loyal existing customers with recurring free spins. That means the free spins appear on the number of games the clients have played.

• Gifts free spins

Some casinos reward players with free spins upon reaching a certain level in a game, or a specific bet amount.

Other Types Of Bonuses Include.

• VIP Or High-Roller Bonus

In most cases, the VIP is the gamers who reach a roll-over level. That is because they make higher deposits, winnings, and bet sizes, as the VIPS. Therefore, the betting sits offer many cash offers and bonuses to them. The cash offers may include the cashouts and cashbacks.

• No wagering bonuses.

In some casinos, the players obtain money directly without the wagering protocol. The wagering method makes the player spends much in a bid to unlock their winnings or bonus.

• Tiered bonus

It is an offer that depends on the first three deposits you make. Therefore these three deposits’ percentages are matched with the bonus to get.

What Is The Bottom-Line Of The Article?

Myriads of bonuses feature in the betting companies, however, those mentioned above in the article are the general ones. There are other bonuses awarded to gamblers who refer other clients to the betting firms. Therefore you should read and understand the rewards rates of the platform you register to bet