Ultimate guide to casino gambling

The Ultimate Guide to Casino Gambling In New Zealand

Gambling laws are not quite the same in every country. The domain is quite a vulnerable one and is interspersed with several risks. This is also one of the major reasons why laws differ from region to region, in an attempt to tackle the issue of problem gambling in their own ways. Speaking of gambling laws, the topic that we have decided to shed light in with this article is the nature of casinos and gambling in New Zealand. New Zealand had its brush with gambling for a long time now, and therefore, it is perhaps time to look back at the journey that this country has had so far when it comes to casinos.

The First Gambling Laws of the Country:

Gambling has not always been legal in New Zealand, and it had to put up quite a few fights before it could achieve the legal status. The only form of gambling that was allowed in New Zealand in the 1920s was betting on horse racing. Every other form of gambling, like bookmaking, was prohibited, and it was only in the 1980s that casinos and lottery games were considered legal. Eventually, slot machine games and forms of poker came into existence and were approved by the law in New Zealand.

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The Modern-Day Gambling in the Country:

The picture of gambling and casinos in the country at this point of time is quite a refreshing one. Though there are still several forms of gambling that are prohibited under the law, the people in New Zealand can still indulge in gambling if a special license is issued to casinos and other entertainment houses. Interestingly enough, New Zealand, even to this day and age, does not allow any form of online gambling. However, if the online casino falls outside the purview of the country, players of any age can sign up to the site and engage in online gambling.

Some More Facts about Online Casinos in New Zealand:

Like we have already mentioned, New Zealand does not allow players to sign up to an online casino that is within the confines of the country. It is considered illegal. But, players can move outside the confines and sign up to an online casino if he/she feels like it. Plus, players do not have to pay any tax on gambling in an online casino outside the country.

In a Nutshell:

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The laws concerning gambling in New Zealand might seem pretty strange at first, but these laws keep the population from falling prey to compulsive gambling behaviour and see to it that gambling serves mainly as a source of fun and not something that can ruin lives.