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Important Casino Sites for NZ Gamblers

It’s important for New Zealanders who bet to properly prepare themselves before participating in any online casino gaming activity. Concerned Citizens have seized this chance to assist you in locating the top New Zealand websites that can aid in your study. The websites listed below are all trusted sources of information that can help Kiwis learn the truth about the legality of gambling in New Zealand and how to do it legally.

We have tried to find a good variety of sites that will cover the key aspects that relate to gaming online in NZ. We have listed the most relevant and valuable articles regarding the current state of regulation from the Department of Internal Affairs along with additional resources that will assist in the online gaming experience.

1 Department of Internal Affairs

DIA Remote Gambling

The DIA is the government authority that handles the regulation of online gambling in New Zealand. There is no better resource to check the state of gambling regulation in NZ. According to the DIA, it is currently legal for Kiwis to gamble online as long as the online casino is not based in NZ. The lottery is the exception to this rule. The buying of online lottery tickets is allowed as stated on this page -> Prohibited Gambling in New Zealand.

The document goes on to state that it is illegal for local New Zealand businesses to advertise these offshore operators. You might be wondering what this means for you. If you are a player, it doesn’t change anything but for this website, it makes it impossible for us to promote any of these offshore casinos. It is one of the reasons that we do not recommend players sign up from websites with .nz domain extensions.

There are several other useful pages on the DIA website that relate to online gambling (remote gambling)

2 Best Online Casinos NZ

Andrew Stone Best New Zealand Casinos is a safe website for Kiwis looking for online casinos in New Zealand. Andrew Stone that runs the website has extensive knowledge regarding the legalities of online gambling in New Zealand. The real value that Best New Zealand Casinos adds is that Andrew used to work for an online casino and understands exactly how online casinos operate, how their terms and conditions work and what information players are looking for.

BNZC has some great pages that we highly recommend you read. The following pages are a must-read for players looking to find a great legitimate online casino to play at:

3 SkyCity Online Casino

skycity casinoAs stated previously we are not able to link directly to SkyCity Online Casino as we are an NZ business. We have all played at SkyCity in Auckland and the introduction of an online casino to this business has been an incredible innovation. SkyCity had to open up a completely separate online casino business out of Malta to go online.

This separation has caused a bit of confusion for players that play at the Auckland casino. The fact that you can’t use your online balance in the casino is a bit frustrating but it is still great to be able to play at a casino that you know has an invested interest in New Zealand. The other key value adds that SkyCity brings is that they do put player protection at the forefront of everything they do. It means that they don’t offer the same level of bonuses as other online casinos but they do this to assist problem gamblers.

The SkyCity website prominently promotes Problem Gambling services on site which is key to legitimising the online casino industry.

4 Best Online Casino Bonuses

Casino Martini

We have recently discovered, and what a find that was. This website is a great resource for the best casino bonuses in NZ with a particularly comprehensive list of free sp


ins bonuses from legitimate Kiwi online casinos. Casino Martini’s editor and Chief is Jeffery Hayes who has a background in publishing and journalism.

CasinoMartini is a .com domain which makes it safe for New Zealanders to use this site for online gambling as previously stated. Jeffery has managed to find some incredible bonuses for us Kiwis with the pick of those found on CasinoMartini’s free spins casino page.

5 Gambling Support Services

The key to gambling safely online in New Zealand is to make sure that there is support. Players that need help deserve to have access to professional gambling support services. There are two websites that we recommend to players for this support.

The first website is, this website provides several methods to get in contact and keeps all conversations and counselling private to allow players anonymity and a safe place to receive help.

Some useful links on PGF are:

The second site we recommend is, which is the premier gambling support website in NZ. They offer several contact methods including the text for help, an open forum and standard contact methods.

GamblingHelpLine also has a fantastic page with gambling statistics for New Zealand.


We hope that you enjoyed this piece on the best web resources for Kiwi gamblers. Keep Safe, Keep Informed and Remember that Gambling should be fun, when the fun stops, it is time to stop gambling.