what kind of gambling is legal in New Zealand?

There are many restrictions with gambling when it comes to New Zealand, especially when it comes to playing the right gambling games. The people have carefully thought about issues which can allow you to get the right gambling adventure in New Zealand. According to the Gambling Act 2003, it puts a blanket on the ban of New Zealand. This gives them access to some of the best specific types of gambling which has some of the best laws which can allow them to have the right express permission. There are generally four classes when it comes to a casino which can allow one to get the right access to the law.

communication device

The four classes of gambling were set to bring easy access for the casino to bring the games legally. Let’s talk about the four types of classes

Class 1: The first class of gambling allows you to win the biggest prize, which includes the inning worth of 500 New Zealand dollars. This means that no one can take the house and cut people’s wager. There are also certain limits which can allow one to get the right win which will remain $500 in the larger amount. This is one gambling class which revolves around gambling that can be organised by societies.

Class 2: This is another gambling act which is associated with the person’s established conduct which at large performs entirely on the purpose of the commercial purposes. The organisers of the gambling can allow you to make the right profits which can allow you to donate the proceeds to the charity, which can allow you to get the charities law websites.

Class 3: This is a class of gambling laws which at enlarge deals with commercial benefits which requires you to have the right bettors which can be conducted with the right license.

Class 4: This is one class which has allowed the organisers to hold the license of the casino. This is something which is checked with the land-based casinos in the law and regulations in New Zealand.


There is a separate section of Gambling Act which can allow you to get remote interactive gambling. This is the kind of gambling where people use to use the communication device which is obviously be used in computer or mobile phones which can use the gambling on a game which can be distanced away from the gambling game in person. There are many sites which are hosting the game in the licensed one based New Zealand which is operated in some other country where the games can be played legally. This has allowed New Zealanders to play the game without having the government being very regulated about the gambling sites.

The Brief History of Gambling in New Zealand

Gambling has been an integral part of any communities which has undergone many advancements for the change. The gambling as well known today, is not much different from the initial days, which was a few centuries ago. The concept of gambling in New Zealand became when European Settlers which was quite common during the colonial period. Initially, gambling was considered to be illegal before 1900, and later an act was passed in 1908. New Zealand started to have the right practice, which has allowed one to sustained until 1951. These colonies were set up by Europeans who brought together people, and this became a part of the community.


Horse Racing

New Zealand is a one which will allow you to bet on horse racing which can allow you to get the right money on the horses. The first horse betting was played in the year 1835 at the Bay Islands. The Gambling secrets can be started with New Zealand, which allowed horse racing, which can allow the easy lucky money. This is made which can allow one to get the right racing bets to be placed. They are many bookmakers which made an account to control the racing lotteries.

horse racing


Lotteries were introduced in New Zealand in the year 1980s, which is also called the lotto. New Zealand has started with a weekly lottery when being played. Lotto has become quite popular among the people, which can allow one of the new frameworks in the year 1950. Lotteries is one of the most popular themes which has allowed people to understand the significance of the scratch cards which can allow one to get everything sorted in the coming years. It is said that New Zealanders love their lotteries where sixty-five per cent playing lotteries form mid-2000.



Pokies are famous in New Zealand and have been made in the year 1987. These machines are present which has allowed one to get the right wins. In the year 1991, pokies were officially presented in the country and were later legalised. Pokies continued to be a hot favourite which can allow people to understand the right inception of the modern-day video, which can put into slots.




Although New Zealand has casinos, they are a few and far between. There are a variety of games which can allow one to get things right and keeping things legally safe in any kind of environment. This has attracted a lot of gamblers which was also one of the main reason that slot machines were set up. There are many live tables which are set up to help engage the video slot and card games. The advancements of technologies have made it into the technologies which allowed it to grow the numbers of the online casinos.

Top Tips to Win Online Casino Games

Online casinos have come in as quite a welcome relief for those who love gambling but hate covering long-distances to a land-based casino. Plus, these casinos offer a variety of games and all at the convenience of your digital screens. You get all the experience of playing at a land-based casino right inside your house. And though predicting the outcomes of casino games might not always be possible, you can always resort to a few means that can at least increase your chances of winning these games and having a better online casino experience. Without any further ado, we shall now look into these tips that can help you win a hand at the online casino.

Choose the Right Online Casino:

It all begins with choosing the right online casino to play the games at. You must make sure that these casinos are registered legally, have the right licenses and follow the protocols of running an online casino. There are several fraudulent sites on the internet that prey on unsuspecting victims and fleece their money. Be wary of those sites and do not register on a website without proper research.

Choose Games that Have A Low House-Edge:

Casinos, online or not, always have a greater house-edge over the players. But if you are wise enough, you shall be able to find out games that have a lower house edge. Playing games that have a lower house-edge shall increase your chances of winning the games and put you in a position of advantage over the house.

It Is Not Wise to Chase Losses:

It is understandable that you are anxious about the money you lost on a bet or a game of poker. But do not chase losses as you could end up becoming more anxious and losing a lot more money. Chasing losses is a fool’s errand, and you must steer clear of the practice.

games have low house hedge

Grab the Bonuses:

Casino bonuses are always up for grabs, and you must seize every opportunity to get your hands on them. These bonuses shall help you play more rounds without the fear of losing out on money, and you can thus, tweak your chances of winning the games.

Avoid Being Inebriated:

Alcohol can add fun to your casino experience. But they can severely lower your inhibitions and get you intoxicated. This shall lead to a lower understanding and awareness of the situation, and your decision-making skills could take a hit.


The tips that we have mentioned in this article might help you make better decisions when you are playing on online casinos, and you can thus, enhance your chances of winning in the process. It might not be possible to guarantee a win, but it is worth a try.

Online Gambling Rises in Popularity in New Zealand

Online gambling is becoming more and more popular in New Zealand, which has led to getting more attention from the gamblers. There are many governments who are trying to focus on regulating the sector, which is one of the best ways to get access to some of the best industry. They are trying to provide help with the maximum protection against gambling-related harm. This allows one to help increase the number of New Zealand citizens who are getting involved in gambling activities. It is estimated that the New Zealanders spend $381 million which in offshore online gambling websites. In the year 2003 Gambling act a piece was legislature was passed to unveil the Gambling Act which was set up to date to help face technological changes and industry upgrades to help bring the right changes in the industry.


The internal affairs have started to implement four options to bring the right reform. There are many anti-gambling campaigners which focused on the good for the economy. There are many decisions which will help reduce the gambling-related forms of local residents. The truth is that the four options have faced the right reforms, which allowed people to start with the right form of gambling products. Also, the fourth class have kept the suggestions going for most residents in New Zealand.


The games like the Lotto and TAB are the only games which are offered legally for online gambling. There are many reforms which have offered some of the best permits that have encouraged the local gambler to have the right returns in the New Zealand market. This is considered to be the best for the economy as it is focused on the player’s prosperity. There are many new licensed operators which can be used to find the right additions. Games which are Malta-based online casinos have seen a staggering rise which was previously reiterated to be expanding in its presence for the new website of the New Zealand customers.

lotto and tab

The Country has also proposed some international firms which can be allowed to find the valid operating licenses in New Zealand. Also, the Department of Internal Affairs, which increased the competition, which makes it easier for the local residents that can provide the customers with the right betting odds and promotions. The Value of global online gambling is steadily rising, which is said to be growing for a period of 2017 to 2024. With the most recent financial report, the New Zealand Racing Board is operating their hands on the TAB with the company’s digital channels that accounts for up to 60% of its overall betting turnovers. The growth of mobile applications is also one of the fastest-growing customer touch points with 59% growth.

Beginners Guide To Online Casinos In NZ

Getting started with online gambling can be a whole new experience as it can get a little bit daunting. Online casinos are a straightforward process but need a lot of practice to master. We want to make sure that you understand the online casino game with our help. In this article, we are going to be learning everything about an online casino, mainly focusing on New Zealand.


Getting Started

If you want to start with the online casinos, you need to make sure that you understand the software which will allow you to understand the games better. Start by choosing the right gambling sites, which is safe and secure. It is important that you find the right kind of help, which can allow you to get the right instant play which offers some of the most favourite casino games. This is a version of the software which is perfect for the operating systems in your windows. Try to find a version which has few games but also look for quality. The account creation process is generally free and can allow you to learn a lot about these online casinos. All you have to do is understand the supplied name, address and phone numbers, choosing the right user name and passwords to help get started.


Game Selection

Try to understand the casino’s different interface which can depend on the type of software you are using. There are many general tips which will allow you to find the right help that you are looking for. An online casino is generally divided into few rather standard categories.


  • Slots:They are also called the pokies, which can allow you to get the right kind of help when playing the game. There are three and five reel games which can allow you to get the machines progressive jackpots games and other features.
  • Table Games:The games encompass which can allow you to get the right kind of tables in the land-based casinos. Games like blackjack, craps, roulette and baccarat can offer some of the best poker experience. Traditional poker games are also one of the best games to play but can allow you to get the right associated poker room.
  • Video Poker:This is one way people can learn the numbers of video poker games like jacks and wilds. There are other players which can allow you to find the single right hand and multi-hand versions.
  • Speciality games:There is various names which can allow you to find the right games. Try to make sure that you have the right games which can allow you to enjoy the games. These games generally include things like bingo-based games and virtual horse racing games and games which casual gamblers may enjoy.

5 Game-changing gambling tips from a poker pro

There are many poker players in the world which can allow you to play professionally. There are many men and women who have managed to find the right strategies which have allowed them the right wins. There are many strategies which can allow you to find the right tips that can make you a poker pro. One aspect to keep in mind is to look for a safe, secure and completely legal casino. Here are some strategies which can allow you to get the right mind during your next game.


Manage your bankroll

One of the most important things to keep in mind when playing poker is to ensure that you do not run out of money. Keeping your mind on the bankroll is one of the best ways to ensure that you do not spend all your savings wagering and also understand when you are experiencing a losing streak. It is important that you have a separate bank account which will keep you updated in the money. Collect your chips well, which can allow you to find the right influence.

Manage your bankroll


Know your opponent

This is also one of the most important things to do. Make sure that you understand the small details in your opponent to find the right habits and potential awareness. Make sure that you have the right eye for the game which will allow you to play the game well, especially online. When you are playing also keep your eye on the timing. Look for the strong and weak points of your opponents before you play. Bet when you feel confident about the game to help you from losing your bankroll.


Start from a tight baseline

Starting from a tight baseline is essential to help to play conservatively. Try to make sure that you understand the game well as well as your opponent. This will influence the player to find things that will work for your win. It is important that you start off playing tight and lean about your opponents’ views and eventually start making the right bet.


Focus on one type of game

Online poker

Online poker is one which will allow you to choose the right split for the tournaments and games. Try to make sure that you are learning the games right which will allow you to stay comfortable throughout. Try to make sure that you are buying the right chips which will push you to buy the minimum or maximum value of the table. Look for a player which have a conservative approach towards the games and start. If you feel like you are playing a lot of hands, start by using cash-based games.

What Do We Know About Gambling In New Zealand

The gambling laws in New Zealand as some of us might know of, reside in areas of grey. More often than not, it might be a bit unclear to understand what these laws entail. However, to begin with, one must understand that gambling in New Zealand, in any form, is considered to be illegal. The only form of gambling that was allowed for a significantly long period of time in the country was that of betting on horse races. The scenario changed quite a bit over the years, and casinos and poker houses began sprouting in the country. But when it comes to online gambling, the area is still quite unclear.  We shall move on to discussing the nature of gambling in New Zealand in two parts- the land-based casinos and the online casinos, to gain a holistic understanding of the picture.

The Land-Based Casinos and Other Forms of Gambling in the Country:

New Zealand has always had its fair share of struggle with the laws that govern the different types of gambling. In the 1920s, the only form of gambling that was allowed in the country was betting on horse racing. Any other form of betting or gambling that involved bookmakers was strictly prohibited. The scene eventually changed, and several pokies and lottery houses started mushrooming across the length and breadth of the country. However, these lottery and poker houses were only allowed to function under specific licenses.

Online Casinos in New Zealand:

The ways in which online casinos work in New Zealand is quite different from the other parts of the world. The laws are pretty strange when you look at it at a cursory glance. Individuals in New Zealand are prohibited to sign-up to an online casino that has its moderator based within the confines of the country. Any individual who is caught indulging in the games that these online casinos have to offer might have to face severe repercussions. However, the laws also provide room for international online casinos to carry on their businesses in the country. According to the laws, online casinos whose moderators are based beyond the borders of New Zealand are not prohibited in the country. Individuals, of any age, can sign-up to these casinos and keep the entire winning amount to themselves. They need not pay any tax on their winnings.

A Few Final Words:

different forms of gambling.

New Zealand has had quite some tiff with the laws that govern casinos and different forms of gambling. But, the scenario has evolved over the years, and it is refreshing to see casinos and poker houses that have proper licenses, find a strong foothold within the boundaries of the country.

Online Casino Laws in New Zealand 2020


Gambling laws in New Zealand are quite a tricky affair to discuss, and not because they prohibit most of the forms of gambling in an attempt to control compulsive gambling behaviour, but because the laws are quite strange, to begin with. New Zealand had always had several fights to put up with its gambling laws because things were quite bleak for the country when it came to gambling and the regulation of casinos. The only form of gambling that was approved by the country in the 1920s was betting on horse racing. Since then, things began to change, and the laws came into existence that allowed a few types of gambling in the country. But it might surprise you when you come to know of the laws pertaining to the domain of online gambling in the country. We shall look into a few details of the same in this article and try to understand it better.


How Does Online Gambling Work in New Zealand?

Online casino laws in New Zealand are quite bizarre, and people who plan on visiting the country and indulge in a few online casino games might want to pay a bit of attention to this segment of the article. The laws in New Zealand do not permit any individual to sign up to an online casino website and play a few games on the platform. It is considered illegal and an individual caught in the act might have to face several ramifications. But, the same law works in an entirely different way when the operator of the online casino is based across the borders of the country. Individuals can sign-in to one of these online casino sites from outside the purview of the country and play the games. It is not considered illegal, and there shall be no consequences whatsoever.

The Tax Structure on Winning:

Here is another fascinating piece of information about online casinos in New Zealand. Individuals who play on international online casinos or from outside the confines of the country’s gambling laws do not have to pay any amount of tax on their winnings. They can keep the entire amount with themselves without having to pay any governing authority any amount. This serves to be an amazing deal for the winners. Online casinos in New Zealand might seem problematic at first, but the problem only arises when you play on a website whose operator is based in the country. There are absolutely no restrictions on registering on an online casino whose operators are from beyond the borders.

online casinos


The online casino laws in New Zealand might look pretty strange, but they need a closer look to be understood better. These laws not only help in controlling the gambling behaviour, but also help in restricting illegal activities related to the domain.

Live Casino Gambling VS Online Casino – The Pros and Cons

Gambling has become a basic human need which needs to fulfil as it works on adrenaline. It is important that people understand the different ways which will allow you to gamble for entertainment. Once you have the rush from gambling, there is no going back. Gambling has taken many different forms which have allowed one to gamble for popularity and other reasons. With the advent of the internet, gambling which has taken a lot of different forms. Live betting is not the only option today with the introduction of online casinos. There are certain details one needs to know to understand before they choose what is good for them.


The Pros of Online Gambling

  • Accessibility is one of the most important things when it comes to online gambling.
  • With online gambling, one does not have to worry about the accessibility of the hundreds of casinos. You can easily spend your quality time enjoying the game.
  • With online gambling, you do not have to stick to only one casino games. You can easily explore and find the right slot game which you can afford.
  • With online casinos becoming more and more common, it is important that you will find relevant features which include things like credit cards, debit cards and ways to pay and get the right withdrawals.
  • Despite all the pros of any online casino, a live casino has many advantages which can allow one to get the right flash and persona. This is one of the less flashy which can be less appealing but can allow you to keep the guilty pleasures to yourself.


The Cons of Online Gambling

  • The advantages of online casinos is that there is no edge, but for people who are heavy punters cannot use this to use the online casino.
  • There is a lack of human element, which can mean that choosing the right live casinos options can be a little frustrating. But, if you enjoy this part, you can easily get away with it.


The Pros of Live Casino Gambling

  • Online casinos are something which has a very small edge which can be very exciting and real than a live one. The people are looking for the deal which will make everything casino experienced.
  • The human element in the live casino can easily make live casinos much more accessible to the gamblers.
  • You can easily replace the cash chips, and there is not online transactions for a safer means of transaction.


The Cons of Live Casino

  • A live casino will not have the same variety of games that the online casinos offer.
  • Online casinos can be accessed through mobile phones with the internet. A live casino requires a physical location.
  • As live casinos is situated in one place, it is very difficult to find the right payment options when one is not available.